Course Structure


-- All courses are Compulsory with continuous assessments.

Candidate must select a minimum of 30 credits from each academic year including all compulsory courses. All eight courses in Year 1 are compulsory with 4 credits each and each of them has online assessments. Four courses are offered in each semester of Year 1.

Code Name Semester
IT1104 Information Systems & Technology 1
IT1204 Computer Systems I 1
IT1304 PC Applications 1
IT1404 Internet & World Wide Web 1
IT2104 Mathematics for Computing I 2
IT2204 Programming I 2
IT2304 Database Systems I 2
IT2404 Systems Analysis & Design 2



-- Select all 4 Compulsory (C) courses and 4 out of 6 Optional (O) courses.

Four compulsory courses and six optional courses are offered in Year 2 each with 4 credits and have online assessments. Two compulsory courses and three optional courses are offered in each semester of Year 2.

Code Name Semester Select
IT3104 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 3 C
IT3204 Software Engineering I 3 C
IT3304 Mathematics for Computing II 3 O
IT3404 Business Management 3 O
IT3504 Web Development Techniques 3 O
IT4104 Programming II 4 C
IT4204 IT Project Management 4 C
IT4304 Rapid Software Development 4 O
IT4404 Fundamentals of Multimedia 4 O
IT4504 Data Communication & Networks 4 O



-- Select all 3 Compulsory (C) courses and 3 out of 5 Optional (O) courses.

Three compulsory courses and five optional courses are offered in Year 3 each with 4 credits except for the compulsory Individual Project which spans throughout the year with submission of online progress reports and has 12 credits. Two compulsory courses and two optional courses are offered in the 5th semester and the remaining optional courses in 6th semester of Year 3.

Code Name Semester Select
IT5104 Professional Issues in IT 5 C
IT5204 Information Systems Security 5 C
IT5304 Computer Systems II 5 O
IT5404 Internet Application Development 5 O
IT6104 Individual Project 5 & 6 C
IT6204 Systems & Network Administration 6 O
IT6304 e-Business Application 6 O
IT6404 Database Systems II 6 O


Enhancement course is a Compulsory non-GPA course offered in year 3. This is evaluated through online assessments.

Code Name Semester Select
EN6501 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 & 6 C