IT6105 - Final Year Project Schedule for 2017

Deadline (on or before)


01st January, 2017

Beginning of the academic year

31st January, 2017

Registration for project & project evaluation  (Pay Rs. 6,000 at the EDC on or before 31st of January, 2017)

25th February, 2017


Submission of the scanned version (PDF) of signed Supervisor Agreement Form and Client Agreement Form to the VLE

15th March 2017

Submission of the Project Proposal through the VLE (Submission will only be allowed if the payment is made before 31st of January, 2017)

  1. 29th March 2017
  2. 12th April 2017
  3. 26th April 2017
  4. 10th May 2017
  5. 24th May 2017
  6. 28th June2017
  7. 12th July 2017
  8. 26th July 2017
  9. 09th August 2017
  10. 23rd August 2017

Submission of 10 Progress Reports through the VLE

14th June 2017

Interim Report submission through the VLE

30th September 2017

Submission of the project dissertation (PDF) through the VLE


Publication of project evaluation schedule on the BIT web site

October /November

Project evaluation at the UCSC (Each candidate should bring one spiral bound copy of the project dissertation, CD with a copy of project software and a computer with all software installed and data entered.)

November/ December

Feedback for dissertation corrections (through the BIT web site)


Approval for dissertation corrections (payment of Rs. 1000 for resubmission, if applicable)



Submission of Final Dissertation (One hard bound copy of the dissertation prepared according to guidelines described under Section 3.5) and one CD with a printout of its directory contents to the UCSC (see section 3.6)


This project schedule is given in Table 4.1 of the Project Guidelines.  Refer the VLE for details and forms. All submissions have to upload to VLE on or before the specified deadlines. No postal or e-mail submissions will be entertained. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Any changes to this schedule will be notified in the BIT VLE.