BIT-2017-Sem. 1 Enhancement Practical Exams

Notice for 2017-Semester 1 Enhancement Practical Examinations


  • 2017-Semester 1-Enhancement Practical Examinations will be held in July, as follows;


Students eligible for practical exams

Scheduled Dates



EN1101 - Communication Skills &

03rd – 07th July 2017



EN1301 - Personal Computing



EN1101 - Communication Skills

07th & 10th July 2017



EN1301 - Personal Computing

07th & 10th July 2017


  • candidates who Applied for the EN1101 or/and EN1301, with the Sem. 1 Exam Application, are eligible to do the Enhancement Online Exam and the Enhancement Practical Exam in 2017.
  • Any candidate, who has not applied for these courses with the Sem. 1 Exam Application, is not eligible to do the Enhancement Online Exams/Practical Exams in 2017.  Even if you do the Enhancement Online Exam, you will not be called for the Enhancement Practical Exam.
  • Only the candidates, who have passed the Enhancement Online Exams in 2017, will be eligible and will be called for the Enhancement Practical Exams in July 2017.  
  • The List of the candidates for the Enhancement Practical Exams (for all the eligible candidates) is now available and you can see the list using the link given below in this notice.
  • Any request to change the examination date and/or time will be rejected.  No extensions will be given.
  • Admission Cards for the Enhancement Practical Exams are now published and you can download it using the link available in this notice.  Please be aware that the admission cards will not be sent by post.  Candidates are requested to download the admission card and get attested before you come to the examinations. Please check your data given in the admission card carefully and if found any error must be notified immediately to the EDC via email.
  • Please note that, without a valid BIT Identity card, you are not allowed to sit for Enhancement Practical Examinations.  If the BIT ID card is not endorsed for the year 2017, whatever the reason, you will be considered as an unauthorized candidate for the semester examination papers and the enhancement practical examinations.
  • Please note that, cellular phones and Calculators are not allowed to use inside the examination halls.
  • Please take into account that road blocks and security checks could cause delays in travelling.  Hence you are kindly advised to take necessary precautions to arrive on time for the examinations.  Kindly note that the External Degrees Centre of the UCSC will not provide you travelling or any other expenses for appearing for the examinations.
  • Enhancement Practical Examinations will be held at the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) located within the University of Colombo Premises.  Students are requested to forward the BIT Identity Card and the Admission Card to the University Entrance and UCSC staff conducting the examinations, where necessary.  Please be present to the designated Computer Lab, at least 15 minutes before the examination.


We wish you the very best at the examination.




External Degrees Centre of the UCSC,

No. 17, Swarna Road,

Colombo 6.




Tele : 011-4720511, 512, 513

Fax : 011- 2501321

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BIT - VLE Administrator : 27th June 2017



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