BIT Syllabus (OLD)

Year 1: 

Year 1 - Semester 1

  • October 2006- September 2009: Semester 1
  • October 2003- September 2006: Semester 1

Year 1 - Semester 2

(Effective from 01st October 2006)

(4 Credits each)

Equivalent Modules for Repeaters (Oct 2006 onwards)
  • IT1203 - Computer Systems I instead of  IT2102 - Computer Systems
  • IT1103- Information Systems & Technology  instead of IT2202 - Data Structures and Algorithms OR IT2402 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • IT2303 - Database Systems I instead of  IT2302 - Database Management Systems
  • IT1103- Information Systems & Technology, IT1403 - Internet & World Wide Web instead of  IT2202 - Data Structures and Algorithms AND IT2402 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering 


Year 2 - Semester 3

Effective (Oct 2007 - Sep 2010)

Compulsory Courses

Optional Courses

Effective (Oct 2004 - Sep 2007)

Compulsory Courses

Optional Courses

Effective (Oct 2001 - Sep 2004)

Compulsory Modules

  •  IT3101 Object Oriented Systems Development
  • IT3201 Mathematics for Computing-II

Optional Modules

  • IT3301 Operational Research
  • IT3401 Business Management
  • IT3501 Web Development Techniques

Year 2 - Semester 4

Optional - 2/3 Electives

A person who failed a compulsory module must repeat a compulsory module that (s)he had not passed at the same semester examination. Therefore a person who failed IT4101 module must sit for IT4102 module and a person who failed IT4201 module should sit for IT4202 module.

A person who failed an optional module must repeat an optional module that (s)he had not passed at the same semester examination. A person who had passed IT4401 module will not be allowed to sit for IT4402 module. However a person who failed IT4301 module could sit either IT4302 module or IT4502 module.

A person who failed the IT4201 - Rapid Application Development compulsory module, and wishes to repeat the IT4302 - Rapid Application Development optional module could be allowed to sit the IT4302 paper. However such a person must pass the IT4202 compulsory paper to fulfill the compulsory paper requirement.

Equivalent Modules for Repeaters (Oct 2004 - Sep 2007)

Compulsory Modules

Optional Modules

Year 3: 

Year 3 - Semester 5

Year 3 - Semester 6